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Hotel Casablanca was renovated in 2021 and is located in the center of Dalyan.
You can make a reservation immediately for a comfortable and comfortable holiday in Dalyan.
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Dalyan, which is located in Ortaca district of Mugla, fascinates the viewers with its calmness, immaculate air and unique natural beauties. You can reach Dalyan by road and air. Dalyan, known for its proximity to many tourist centers, is 825 kilometers from Istanbul and you can reach it in an average of 12 hours by private vehicle.

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You can take at least two days to Dalyan and get rid of the fatigue of the whole year at Iztuzu Beach, visit the surrounding bays with boat tours, find healing in the hot springs, and get to know the history of Dalyan in Kaunos Ancient City. During your trip to Dalyan, you can taste delicious regional products and enjoy shopping in the village markets.